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We are 

future thinkers.

We’ve brought leading businesses together & multiplied our power in driving the industry forward.

About NXT 

Building Group.

The NXT Building Group support numerous businesses through a broad range of diverse services which enables these brands to set a new standard in quality, residential housing for Australian families. 

We provide innovative solutions and exceptional customer service to our brands, ensuring they are aligned to specific needs. These unique and diverse range of services enable better outcomes.

We are passionate about people, providing them with better futures and creating positive change.

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NXT Building Group History.

The NXT Building Group was developed to support numerous brands. Grown from early beginnings in 1987 as a family owned, new home building business based in the Hunter region of NSW, today we support many of Australia’s most well-known and respected new project home, multi-residential and investment property building companies. Originally founded under McDonald Jones Homes, today NXT Building Group does not build homes, we focus on supporting brands through a range of professional services and strategic guidance, so that they can set the benchmark in residential construction. The NXT Building Group is resourced by a team of dedicated employees. Through the commitment of our people and our strategic planning we are well positioned to assist brands to respond to the challenges from the market and provide innovative solutions and valued business support. “We have the best job in the world, helping Australian families achieve their dream.” - Andrew Helmers

The Timeline.













20 21
 WhoWeAre History 16.2021Allsteel287x400

Jan 2021

Acquisition of Allsteel Transportable Homes

Expanded operations into modular homes with the acquisition of South Australian based Allsteel Transportable Homes.

 WhoWeAre History 13.2020 BillAseiKasei-287x400

Apr 2021

Asahi Kasei Homes 80% Shareholders

Asahi Kasei Homes acquires additional 40 percent stake of Group, achieving a total shareholding to 80%. Bill McDonald retires.

 WhoWeAre History 14.2020Weeks-287x400

Feb 2020

Acquisition of Weeks Homes

Expanded into South Australia with the acquisition of Weeks Peacock Quality Homes.

 WhoWeAre History 15.2020Supaloc287x400

Mar 2020

Acquisition of Supaloc

Move into the manufacturing sector with the acquisition of Supaloc Steel Building Systems

 WhoWeAre History 11.2018Brighton-287x400

Jan 2018

Brighton Homes Commence Trading

Brighton Homes commences trading following consolidation of McDonald Jones (QLD), Hayman Homes & MJH Multi (QLD).

 WhoWeAre History 12.2018CompleteMJH-287x400

Feb 2018

Complete by McDonald Jones Commence Trading

Complete By McDonald Jones commences trade offering ready built fully complete spec homes.

Jan 2017

Asahi Kasei Homes purchase 40%

Asahi Kasei Homes purchase a 40 percent stake of MJH Group and form strategic alliance partnership.

 WhoWeAre History 08.2015WilsonHomes-287x400

May 2015

Acquisition of Wilson Homes

Expanded into Tasmania with the acquisition of Wilson Homes.

 WhoWeAre History 09.2015SingleFinancialYear-287x400

Jul 2015

1,500 Homes

Group record completing 1,500 homes in a single financial year.

 WhoWeAre History 07.2014MJHMuti-287x400

Jan 2014

MOJO Homes & MJH Multi

Mojo Homes and MJH Multi commence in 2014. The group moved into the investment homes segment with the acquisition of Hayman Homes.

 WhoWeAre History 06

Jan 2012

Expanded to Canberra and Queensland

The group expanded operations to Canberra and Queensland and completed 1,000 homes in a single financial year.

 WhoWeAre History 05.2009ExpandedOperations-287x400

Jan 2009

McDonald Jones Homes Expands

The business expands operations previously in the Hunter and Illawarra, to Sydney.

 WhoWeAre History 04.2008LargestResidentialBuilder-287x400

Jan 2008

Largest Home Builder

McDonald Jones Homes becomes the largest residential home builder in New South Wales.

 WhoWeAre History 03

Jan 2003


The MJH Group partner with steel frame supplier, Supaloc.

 WhoWeAre History 02

Jan 2001

First to market

From 1987 to 2001 the group are first to market with Wattle Pods, Ultrafloor and Hebel Block House.

 WhoWeAre History 01

Jan 1987

McDonald Jones Homes Inception

Bill McDonald, Cliff Princehorn and Phil Jones incorporate McDonald Jones Homes.

Our customers are the future of our business.

We operate under the same ethos – people are at the heart of everything they do.

The businesses who we work with all operate under the same ethos – people are at the heart of everything they do.

If there is one thing we understand at NXT Building Group, it’s that the brands we support are the future of the business and we are central to everything they do. Every one of our decisions is based on what is right for their brand, as we know that they will be right for their businesses customers, staff and ultimately for all stakeholders.

NXT Building Group is focused on creating a better life for all Australians, we challenge convention and deliver innovative business solutions which provide lasting value for the brands we support. We provide services to multiple businesses across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.

In 2017, Asahi Kasei Homes, part of the Japanese Asahi Kasei Group, acquired 40 per cent of the MJH Group.

During the following four years, this partnership flourished and saw the acquisition of additional organisations and broad growth across the business. In April 2021, Asahi Kasei Homes acquired a further 40 per cent of the business, making them the majority shareholder. Managing Director Andrew Helmers retains his 20 percent share and continues to lead the business day-to-day. 

Through the partnership with Asahi Kasei Homes, we have access to world leading solutions, systems technologies and business synergies. Asahi Kasei Homes delivers approximately 8,000 buildings a year. Asahi Kasei Group has more than 40,000 employees around the world.

About Asahi Kasei Homes.

Asahi Kasei Homes are a high-earnings operational entity with strong brand recognition in the Japanese urban homes market. Asahi Kasei Homes is focused on "Long Life Home" products that have delivered customer satisfaction for more than fifty years. Innovative, high-quality home products help enhance connections between the family and the community and enable residency to span across different generations with a focus on harmony within the natural environment. Asahi Kasei Homes is part of the Asahi Kasei Group a diversified manufacturer that was founded in 1922. It now operates across a range of products spanning from construction to health care and operates under the mantra ‘Creating for Tomorrow’.

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 WhoWeAre OurCompany brighter-future

Greener, brighter future.

At NXT Building Group, we believe the future is what we make it. This philosophy drives our business and the support and advice we provide, enabling us to focus on sustainable and healthier practices, which enable the brands we support to offer increased efficiency, and best practices that reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. We strive to reduce the emissions intensity of our business through capturing energy from the sun to power offices, providing insights and opportunity so that the brands we assist  can unlock the Solar potential on the roofs of their customers’ homes, this includes the inclusion of LED lighting and Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in garages. In addition, the harnessing of water and minimisation of wastage across our business is a focus for our people. We will continue to work for a greener, brighter future.

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The quality of what we create is the only real measure of our effort. We relentlessly strive for continuous improvement.



We are humbled by the trust people put in us to make their dream a reality. We take that responsibility seriously. Delivering on our promises and acknowledge our mistakes is non-negotiable. We do everything with respect and integrity.



We look after each other like family. We know we’re stronger when we work as a team.



Agile is actually from the Latin word ‘To Do’; which is at the heart of our Group. We get things done, and done well. It is also a modern and nimble way of adapting to our changing world while meeting the needs of our team and customer.

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